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It has been a just over a year since I started my law practice and first walked into my new office in Downtown Denver.  Recently, I finally got around to hanging the Brackley Law Office PLLC shingle out front.  Even after spending an incredible 28 years as a prosecutor in New York City and across Colorado, working among some of the absolute best prosecutors and defense attorneys, judges, and law enforcement agents in the Country, I always knew that I would find my way to this law practice of mine.

In the past year I have had the honor of representing clients in nearly every Front Range Judicial District, and in the mountains, the plains, and on the western slope of Colorado. I have represented victims of violent crimes – individuals and corporate – and advised and assisted attorneys and representatives from other law firms, governmental agencies, and investigative firms.

I have benefited from the assistance, advice, mentorship, and guidance from so many over the last year – and I am grateful for all of it.

I am grateful to the defense bar in Colorado and New York.  I worked hard as a prosecutor – I believed in my role and the work that I did.   But because I did it admirably and treated everyone fairly, many in the defense community welcomed me with open arms, support and guidance, and referrals.

I am grateful for the continued and mutual respect I have for my former colleagues in prosecutors’ offices and law enforcement agencies across the Country – many of whom recommend my firm to their friends, family, and colleagues when they need a good lawyer.

I am grateful for my late dad, a legendary criminal defense attorney in New York, and for the example he set as a lawyer and a gentleman. I am grateful that he got to watch my transformation from government work to private practice before he passed in the Spring of 2020.   I am grateful for my brother for his advice and guidance.  I know we both do what we do to honor our dad.

I am grateful to my wife for holding me up and believing in me.  For encouraging me to be the best person and lawyer I can be, and expecting me to hold my head up, go to work every day and be great.  I would not have done any of this without her support this past year.  I am grateful for my children for being smart, socially conscientious, true believers. l am grateful that they put up with me and my endless and repetitive stories, constant phone ringing, late nights, and movie lines.

2020 has been a brutal and scary year, and an anxious and uncertain time to start a business.  Nevertheless, I would not change a thing about any of the past 29 years.  I would do every day the same if it meant getting me to this place and the Brackley Law Office, PLLC.  I look forward to an even better 2021 and beyond.